Professional Riding Hats from Gatehouse

Our expertise has been at the forefront of development over the years, producing riding headwear that is non-bulky, lightweight, comfortable and competitively priced. Your safety is our priority. We have pioneered some major changes in headwear safety in recent years and are proud to be recognised by the British Standards Institute for consistency and high levels of test results. The extensive range means there will be a hat which will suit your needs whether you are having fun or competing at the highest level.

The Gatehouse Range now includes our revolutionary new skull cap, the RXC1. The RXC1 holds triple safety standard, BSEN 1384, PAS015, and Snell E2001, giving the wearer greater peace of mind.

It is ventilated allowing through flow of air to keep you cool. It is also lightweight and features a removable washable liner for comfort and hygiene.

Many of the world's top riders across all equestrian disciplines rely on Gatehouse hats to keep them safe from injury and to give them greater peace of mind when competing. Visit our riders' page here to learn more about some of these riders.



BSEN 1384 Standard Withdrawal

The EU Commission has announced that the European equestrian riding helmet standard BS EN 1384 is to be withdrawn from the Official Journal of the European Union (OJ) at its next publication. This means that hat manufacturers will no longer be able to CE-mark their hats using this standard and will need to recertify to another specification or the new interim standard VG1.

The withdrawal of the standard has no effect on riding hats already on the market. Once a hat has been manufactured to a standard, it will not become "non-standard" after withdrawal and can continue to be sold and worn. If riders have hats certified to EN 1384, they can continue to use them unless stated otherwise by rules of competition. 

The existing EN 1384 standard is currently in the process of revision. The withdrawal is due in part to the European working group responsible for the hat standard failing to reach an agreement on this overdue revision and subsequently causing the commission to take this drastic step.

Please follow this link to learn more about this important change and to see the FAQs on consumer hats.



About Us


Design Headwear Ltd manufactures the Gatehouse Range of Riding Hats and the new DHW 360° LED cycle helmet. We have been manufacturing riding hats for 16 years and Bill Vero, the Technical Director has been making helmets all his life, following on from his father. Please contact us if you would like any further information about any of the products in our ranges.

Gatehouse are now working with the Child Brain Injury Trust, in working towards protecting children from serious head injury.